The Combined Magic Of Canadian Dividend Income Earnings, Dec 2022

My first combined report in June 2022 was a success and welcomed by many investors including our lovely Canadian dividend income seekers. Unfortunately, I missed some months due to busy schedule (Flying around the world) but I’ll do my best in 2023 to stay consistent.

In this blog post, I am presenting you with December 2022 dividend income to show you the power of planning and consistency in investments by our lovely dividend community.

In this edition I am adding 3 Canadian bloggers who I was missing. Welcome Rick and Ryan from Get Rich Brothers, Objectif IF Dividendes, and Brian from Labor to Leisur.

I hope I can inspire you and myself to continue our passive income journey as it gets challenging at times. The only criteria to be included in this post is to have a blog with regular monthly dividends’ earnings updates.

Let’s congratulate ourselves for getting stronger & wealthier by focusing on growth dividend stocks beating the crazy volatility of 2022 and beyond.

At the end of each monthly report, we will announce the top 3 monthly earners. No, this is not a competition and that’s not the point of this announcement. It is just a way to make it more inspiring and encouraging to others. Yes, we can all eventually catch up with those numbers.

Stick to the end to see the total earnings for the month of December 2022. Let’s dive in!

Melissa @ Our Life Financial starts by showing us how time in the market is the winner over timing the market. Melissa and her husband earned $3,602.31 in Dec with a juicy 33.58% YoY increase.

Their total 2022 earning of $36,556.74 in dividend income surpassed their $35,000 goal. What is better than exceeding your own expectations? Congratulations, Melissa!’s Dividend Income Chart

Rommel @ My Prudent Life shares his TFSA dividend income with us where he earned $1,146.42 in Dec 2022 which is a fantastic 38.53% YoY growth. It is great to see that Rommel and his wife maximized their TFSA in 2022.

I hope one day every Canadian can maximize their TFSA by investing in solid companies.’s Dividend Income Chart (TFSA)

Mike @ The Dividend Guy is the great investor behind the DSR portfolio which is a wonderful resource for many investors. Mike only shares the income from his pension plan which grew 11.80% annually since its Sept 2017 inception 5 years ago.

Mike earned $610.65 in dividends for Dec 2022 which is a 2.6% increase in comparison with Dec 2021.’s Dividend Income Chart

GYM earned a total $$28,794 in 2022 from dividend earnings. She doesn’t report her exact monthly numbers but based on the total annual, her average is $2,399 monthly. Great job, GYM. Keep it up! Her 2023 goal is to reach $35,000 in dividend income.’s Dividend Income Chart

Another Loonie spent a good amount on their international trip during December 2022 but still managed to save and invest around $3,000. This is a reminder that while we all save and invest, we still should live our life and enjoy ourselves. Money is a tool, not the purpose.

Loonie and his wife received a combined $105 in dividends which brought their 2022 total dividend earnings to $5,487. This is a nice 131% increase in comparison with 2021.

I love reading AL’s monthly expenses and investments updates. Bravo AL’s family on adding to your investments and congratulations on crossing the $730,000 net worth.’s Dividend Income Chart

Graham @ Reverse The Crush shows us how he earned $116.41 in dividends in the month of December which brought his total 2022 dividend income to $1,350.22.

As I mentioned in the past, the dollar amount doesn’t matter. The consistency and year over year (YoY) growth is what makes the big change in this journey and Graham increased his 2022 income by 65% in comparison with what he received in 2021.’s Dividend Income

Congratulations Graham on exceeding your 2022 goal of $1200 despite the expenses of purchasing a new home. Very well done, my friend.

Brian @ Labour To Leisure enjoyed a fantastic Dec 2022 with family in Mexico while making $655.91 from dividends. This was a 25% YoY increase and crushed his 2022 goal by earning $5,366.47. Well done, Brian and wishing you and family a fantastic 2023.’s Family Enjoying The Holiday Season

Matthew @ All About Dividends earned $942.03 in dividends which is a nice 38% increase of Dec 2021 income. This payment came from 19 stocks which Matthew lists in details on his blog.

Matthew, congratulations on reaching and exceeding your 2022 goal by earning $8,541 in 2022. All the best in your $10,500 goal for 2023.’s Dividend Income Chart

Bob @ Tawcan family had a nice 5 weeks vacation in Denmark but like myself, he could work remotely while traveling. Financially, he has crushed it with another amazing month by receiving $3,581.01 in dividends from 25 stocks. Bob’s dividend’s income grew by 26.98% YoY.

It is amazing to see how Tawcan has been consistent with his investment strategy for over a decade. On top of this, he exceeded his 2022 goal by receiving $42,305.81 in dividend income. Congratulations, Bob! You are doing amazing.’s Dividend Income Chart

Mark @ My Own Advisor shares some vital lessons to investors such is staying invested (time in the market) is essential for wealth building regardless of the market performance.

He also shows us how sticking to an educated investing approach leads to success. In other words, he is telling us to avoid getting distracted.

Mark targeted $27,000 in dividends’ income for 2022 which he crossed it back in September. His total 2022 dividend income was $29,316.’s Dividend Income Chart

Mark doesn’t include his exact monthly numbers but based on the annual income, he is earned an average $2,443 from dividends monthly. Mark, keep up your great FIWOOT leadership!

Rick & Ryan @ Get Rich Brothers earned $865.41 in Dec 2022 from dividends which is a 13.3% increase in comparison with Dec 2021. This brought their total 2022 income to $6,395.98. Great job guys and looking forward to see your income increase in 2023.’s Dividend Income Chart

Fin Dependence Canada final goal is to reach $50,000 in annual dividends. They received a total of $1,689.53 in Dec which brought their total 2022 dividend income to $17,482.50.’s Dividend Income Chart

Great job! Can’t wait to start reporting your success towards the 2023 goal of $20K.

Sam @ My Dividend Snowball had another fantastic month where he earned $3,103.64 in Dec for a total of $36,200.72 from passive income in 2022.’s Dividend Income Chart

Dividend Daddy numbers make me bow or take my hat off in respect! I mean, come on! $5,893.49 a month is just beyond my imagination. Do you know what this means?

Let’s put this in perspective from his words.

I earned $190.11 every day from dividends

I earned $36.83 per hour from dividends (assuming a 9-5 job)

I earned $7.92 every hour of every day of the month from dividends

His top payment of $1,050.92 came from $ENB Enbridge.

Rob @ Passive Canadian Income is still earning from 3 sources of passive income. Also life seems to be going all happy and fun for Rob and family with their Dominican Republic adventure.

Rob & Family Enjoying Life While Escaping The Canadian Winter

Do you think money bought the happiness in this picture? I’d say yes. How can you take a Caribbean trip without money? Rob earned $1,040.43 from 13 stocks’ dividends in Dec.

In total, Rob earned $10,692.84 in 2022 from Dividends while another $13,491.23 came from his other 2 sources of passive income. Congratulations on this achievement despite missing your $25,000 goal which is a negligible miss. All the best to you and family in 2023.’s Dividend Income Chart

Dividendes & FNB earned $1,142.68 from 13 stocks and 2 ETFs in Dec 2022. His 2022 goal of receiving $12,000 in dividends is almost achieved with his amazing $11,857.52 earnings.’s Dividend Income Chart

I love how he shares the small details of his income every month consistently. Thanks for the nice and detailed work and looking forward to seeing your 2023 achievement.

Objectif IF Dividendes earned $363.91 from dividends in Dec 2022 which is an almost 100% increase in comparison with Dec 2021 when the earning was a tiny $0.99. This shows the power of consistency and compound.

Good job and looking forward to seeing more details in your future reports.

Investing Pursuits received a great $664.02 in dividend income in Dec 2022 which is a nice 29% increase compared with 2021. This brings his total 2022 dividend income to $5803.38.’s Dividend Income Chart

Jordan @ Money Maaster earned a sweet $2,182.47 in Dec 2022 in his TFSA and RRSP accounts which brought his total 2022 dividends income to $16,282.99.

Sorry you had to miss your daughter’s 7th birthday and hope you are fully recovered now and wishing you and family a great healthy wealthy 2023.

Jordan’s Adorable Kiddos

Catherine @ La Frugaliste Futée had a fantastic professional growth in 2022 through her VIP channel. I am really impressed by the progress.

Financially, she received a sweet $337.39 from dividends in Dec2022. Her portfolio generated a great $3,340.13 in dividends this year alone.

I love how she highlights all the small details including portfolio performance and expected passive income. Un travail fantastique ! Continuez !

And finally, Mr. Dreamer received $1,034.87 in dividends in Dec 2022. My detailed report can be found here.

So congratulations everyone for earning a combined $33,920.08 for the month of Dec 2022.

Total Canadians 2022 Dividend Income (Since June)

By the power vested in me, I hereby declare Dividend Daddy, Our Life Financial, and Tawcan December’s dividend earners leaders! Congratulations friends and as always there is no trophy to be given out at this time!

Last but not least, I read a new book called “Too Rich To Be Stressed: Freedom With Dividend Investing” by Dividend John who earned $65,000 in 2022 from dividends alone.

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The book details John’s journey as a dividend investor and how he earns nearly $70,000 per year in dividends. I think, this book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about dividend investing and how it can create a passive income source.

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