HKG:0701 CNT Group

HKG:0701 CNT Group The Group is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of paint products, property investment (including the investment in properties for rental income potential or for sale, and the proposed columbarium/residential property development in Hong Kong) and iron and steel trading and related investments. The post HKG:0701… Read More »HKG:0701 CNT Group

HKG:0867 CMS

HKG:0867 CMS What a beautiful chart! Results of 2022 are okay. Dividends got up 2.5% , Debt/Equity remained stable.  This looks promising  in terms of higher proceeds of holding this stock. (Average 5-yr Dividend Growth is almost 15%) The post HKG:0867 CMS appeared first on Hong Kong Dividend Stocks.

May 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to the MAY edition of my DivGro 2.0 newsletter! This edition comes in two parts because I have more transactions to cover than I normally do. Part 1 covers the April market recap and an overview of my DivGro portfolio, including April’s sell transactions. Part 2 covers my April buy transactions… Read More »May 2024 Newsletter

Dividend Income – April 2024 Update

Hello everyone, welcome to another monthly dividend income update.  We are doing these monthly dividend income updates to chronicle our financial independence journey. I believe these monthly updates demonstrate that it is possible to build … Read more