June 24 Dividend and Portfolio Review

As we end June my portfolio was on fire till the last 3 days then it was meh. Did I cross the $500,000.00 mark and finish above? How many dividends did I bring in?

The area I’m in hardly gets rain but we did get some around the 22 and some high winds that destroyed telephone poles some hail and lots of rain.

Here are the dividends I recieved. Love the amount I’m getting close to $2000.00 but short would not have been that close but Rily pushed its payday into June. 7 dividends in triple digits with 4 others knocking on the door. This months dividend is 21.27 percent higher than last year. Quarterly I bought in $4131.01 which is 15 percent higher than the same quarter last year. So far this year I have bought in $7,744.07 which is 13.66 percent higher than last year.

My portfolio rose by $11,751.71, closing at a record $509,453.55. Big gains in my portfolio the last 2 months. Hopefully those big gains continue. Year to date my portfolio is up $63,376.11, which is 14.20 percent. Monthly it is up 2.36 percent which includes new capital, gains and reinvested dividends.

Top ten R and BAC replaced KR, and DHI. Everything else is the same. This month the top 10 makes up 62.99 percent of my total portfolio. 1 percentage point higher than last month.

First half of the year is done my dividends keep growing. Dividend raises added $68.03 dividends to my PADI this month so far for the year dividend raises have added $300.00 dollars.

Total portfolio value $509.453.55.              Forward annual dividend $15,744.79.
Trailing 12 months of Dividends $15,364.00. Expected dividend as of 2024 $15,488.02.
Net worth as of June 24 $739,074.00.
Bought BAC, KDP, OMF, R DHI, V, NVDA, FDUS, RITM, AMZN, NEE, PPL.                                       Dividend cuts none.                                   Dividend raises TGT, KR, BAC. 
Future goals
Future portfolio value of $750,000.00
Forward annual dividends of $17,500.00
Future net worth $750,000. This month I went over $79,558.00 in lifetime dividends.
As I wrap this months report up I’m very pleased with everything. This shows that no matter what you can do the same as I have done and the earlier you start the better off you will be. Just constant buying good quality stocks that raise their value and raise their dividends

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