Dividends and Options Trading June 2024

June has come to an end so it is time for another update. This month was another good month for income from my accounts. Dividends were way up this month while premium from options trading was down this month. Let’s take a look at how much dividends and options premium I received for June.

For the month, I received a total of $945.25 in dividends. This is a increase over June 2023 when I received $641.20 in dividends. This is a 47.42% increase year over year. That is one major increase year over year. For the year I have received $3,404.45 in dividends. This puts me at 48.64% toward my goal of $7,000 dividends received for the year. I am a little bit behind pace to reach my goal, but there is plenty of time left in the year to catch up.

Options premium received in June was down this month when compared to last month. The total for the month was $234.97. I was very active this month in options trading. Below is chart of all the options trades I made in June.

Tickercall/put accountstrikeexpirationpremiumdateNYCB3 c tax3.56/14/24$28.426/3/2024USBc ira426/7/24$9.476/3/2024SIRI2 c tax36/14/24$3.756/4/2024CVSc ira cl556/14/24-$681.686/7/2024CVSc ira556/21/24$686.306/7/2024SIRI3 c ira3.56/21/24$2.776/10/2024SIRI3 c roth3.56/21/24$2.776/10/2024USBc ira416/14/24$4.726/12/2024USBc ira40.56/21/24$4.726/17/2024SIRI2 c tax36/21/24$11.356/17/2024NYCB2 c tax3.57/19/24$9.456/18/2024NYCBc tax3.57/19/24$4.726/18/2024CVSc ira cl556/21/24-$662.686/21/2024CVSc ira558/16/24$706.306/21/2024SIRIc tax36/28/24$2.826/24/2024SIRIc tax36/28/24$2.826/24/2024WPCc ira607/19/24$7.576/24/2024NYCBc roth3.57/19/24$4.726/24/2024SIRI2 c ira36/28/24$7.556/24/2024SIRI5 c roth46/28/24$4.626/24/2024SIRI4 c ira46/28/24$3.696/24/2024CWHc roth197/19/24$44.326/24/2024USBc ira426/28/24$5.676/24/2024PRUc ira1307/19/24$4.726/24/2024BTIc ira358/16/24$9.476/24/2024Oc ira608/16/24$6.626/24/2024

The total amount of income produced from my accounts for June was $1,202.64. This includes dividends, options premium, and interest. For the year, my accounts have produced $7,269.09 of income which has been reinvested back into the accounts to allow the compounding effect to grow my accounts. This puts me at 58.15% toward my goal of $12,500 of income from accounts this year.

I continue to be ahead of the pace to reach my income goal for the year. This month was also close to being my first month ever with $1,000 in dividends. As always, I will continue to invest and reinvest the dividends and options premium. Following this plan will allow the income from my accounts to grow. One day it will be enough to cover my expenses and allow me to retire. Thanks for following along! If a blue collar factory worker like me can do this, so can you. I encourage everyone to invest in their future!

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial professional. The information shared here should not be considered financial advice. I am just a factory worker sharing my experience as I strive to achieve financial freedom. Before investing or making any financial decision do your own research and due diligence or consider seeking the advice of a financial and/or tax professional.

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