April 2022 Liquid Net Worth and 124% Passive Income Growth

Hello Friends and welcome back to another Liquid Net Worth and Passive Income update via my Personal Finance Canada blog! I hope you are enjoying my monthly reports since February 2021.

April was a great month in terms of making extra income from dividends and hustling around despite the market meltdown. Please note that all the numbers here were recorded on April 30.

Passive income number is the golden number to always pay attention to!

April 2022 Passive Income (Savings Accounts & Dividends) Was $1741

Extra Side Hustle Income Report $1140

Frankly, counting the side hustle isn’t an easy job. I made a spreadsheet and record my income through this source but it is a hectic task with money coming from so many resources.

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I might miss some stuff while reporting but here comes what I earned in April 2022 in side hustle not counting dividends stocks and savings earnings.

ServiceNotesEarned AmountSelling ElectronicsSold through Kijiji$240Brim FinancialJoin Brim Financial$160Great Canadian RebatesJoin GCR and earn cashback$287Crypto.comJoin Crypto.com, earn $25 in $CRO$25Newton ExchangeJoin Newton Exchange, earn $25$25Learn & Earn ITAmazon Gift Card$83NetcoinsJoin Netcoins, receive $60$240Neo FinancialGet a free Neo Credit Card, earn $50$50Leo SurveysJoin Leo Surveys, earn for your opinion$20Wealthsimple CashJoin, get a free $10$10

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Current Non-Chequing Accounts

BankTypeAccountValueOwnerQuestradeRoboTFSA$89,450Mrs. DreamerQuestradeRoboRESP$51,466Girls A & BTangerineHISAHISA$50Mr. DreamerMeridianGICRRSP$15,149Mr. DreamerMeridianGICTFSA$6,701Mr. DreamerOakenGICLIRA$22,419Mr. DreamerWealthsimpleTradePersonal$15,729Mr. DreamerWealthsimpleTradeTFSA$79,484Mr. DreamerWealthsimpleTradeRRSP$76,478Mr. DreamerCryptocurrencyCryptoPersonal$82,274Mr. DreamerCurrent Status of Our Accounts

Current Investment Portfolio & a 2.67% MoM Liquid Net Worth Decrease -$11,725

My liquid net worth decreased by $11,725 in April 2022.

April 2022 Liquid Net Worth decreased to $426,038

Dividends & Savings Accounts Income

MonthDividendsHISA & GIC CryptocurrencyTotalJan 2021$571.03$206.14$0.00$777.17Feb 2021$40.28$295.02$0.00$335.30Mar 2021$305.00$510.29$0.00$815.29Apr 2021$78.22$256.49$0.00$334.71May 2021$164.77$259.35$20.30$424.12Jun 2021$399.59$216.48$113.07$729.14Jul 2021$797.74$214.04$290.45$1,302.23Aug 2021$317.66$215.56$293.56$826.78Sept 2021$431.40$216.83$307.15$955.38Oct 2021$608.39$727.09$451.00$1786.48Nov 2021$211.25$217.82$680.31$1109.38Dec 2021$880.08$238.15$871.75$1989.98Jan 2022$1,065.49$407.97$622.00$2095.46Feb 2022$284.85$200.236$68.43$1,153.51‬Mar 2022$541.57$212.00$823.32$1,576.89Apr 2022$782.35$58$901.40$1,741.75Monthly Income Report Table

Liquid Net Worth and Extra Income Update Summary

To summarize, I made $1140 in side hustle income in April 2022. I also had $1,741.75 income from passive sources which brings my total April 2022 extra income to $2,881.75 CAD which basically covers a lot more than our monthly expenses as a family of four.

In 2022, my total extra income was $10,217 with $6,567.61 of it being totally passive which is $1,641 a month. My goal for 2022 is to have an average $1200 monthly passive income.

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