July 22 Dividend and Portfolio Review

July is done and gone. Looks like after being down the markets came back big the last 3 days of the month. But no matter what my dividends hit the account. My July dividend delivered results.

Ticker Dividend
KO $42.68
PPL $38.93
MO $302.86
MPW $30.46
AQN $43.15
KDP $30.56
USHYX $70.59
NRZ $165.15
ONL $0.50
Amount $724.88

Mo really delivered. What can I say these results speak for themselves. PPL cut its dividend then raised it this last quarter. If they can deliver 10 percent dividend raises for the next couple of years that position will grow. I’m just excited about what this will look like in OCT when I have 2 semi annual dividends pay.

This months dividend is 9.7 percent higher than last July. On a year over year the dividend so far is 20 percent higher. One of my goals is to try to keep it around 20 percent or higher.

My purchases this month were MGIC and RILY those were my main purchases. No stock sales this month. GOOG did a split so I own a lot more shares of it. DUK, WBA, and R raised their dividend. No cuts this month.

My portfolio gained back some of the losses from this year by gaining around 8 percent. Looking at my top 10 KR fell out and was replaced by BAC. I am now back to 13 stocks over $10,000 dollars. Once I dreamed of getting 1 stock to $10,000 to have that many over that is like wow. Almost like a kid in a candy store. AAPL is my largest position by far at over $50,000 just by itself hopefully the can continue to grow even if not at the pace it has the last couple of years. Even at its large size I still add to it from time to time.

Looking forward to August I should receive about $780.00 in dividends which is less than last year but I had 2 stocks pay a supplemental dividend which won’t be paying this year.

Total portfolio value $375,402.72
Forward annual dividend $11,853.87
Trailing 12 months of Dividends $12,701.51 Expected dividend as of 2022 $12,167.91
Net worth as of MAR 22 $538,682.58
Bought MGIC, RILY. Those were my main buys this month.
Dividend raises. DUK, WBA, R.
Future goals
Future portfolio value of $400000.00
Forward annual dividends of $15,000.00
Future net worth $750,000
This month I went over $51,500.00 in lifetime dividends.
As I wrap this months report up I’m very pleased with everything. This shows that no matter what you can do the same as I have done and the earlier you start the better off you will be. Just constant buying good quality stocks that raise their value and raise their dividends.

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