$50,000 Dividends Received.

Since I started investing the total amount of dividends I have received is over $50,000. I started investing in stocks in 2001 right before 9/11. It’s been a journey I took some years off and did not know what I was doing when I started.

It hasn’t been easy no decision made when a dividend cut is announced or a dividend stopped is. Even mergers and acquisitions are tough to think about when it comes to keeping that stock.

$50,000 in cash could buy a lot. Down payment on a vehicle, house, home repairs, vehicle repairs. But alas they got all reinvested back into other stocks.

I know it won’t take me nearly as long to get my next $50,000. I achieved this milestone in June. With my forward dividends getting ready to hit $12,000 it will take a little over 4 years by the time 4 years hit I should be at my second $50,000.

In about 2 years barring a economic collapse I should be bringing in close to $1000.00 a year in dividend raises.

How much dividends have you collected since you started?

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