The Dividend Kings Ranked By Quality Score

Dividend Kings are great companies that have increased their annual dividend payouts for 50 or more consecutive years! This achievement is remarkable because these companies have delivered ever-increasing dividends to investors through economic recessions, market crashes, technological revolutions, and changes in consumer tastes!
In this article, I rank the Dividend Kings using quality scores obtained from a variation of DVK Quality Snapshots in which I replaced one quality indicator and added another. With a total of six quality indicators, each scored out of 5 points, the version of Quality Snapshots I’m using in this article has a maximum quality score of 30 points. 
Based on their quality scores, I rate stocks as Exceptional (29-30), Excellent (26-28), Fine (21-25), Decent (16-20), Poor (11-15), and Inferior (0-10). Investment Grade ratings have quality scores in the range of 16-30, while Speculative Grade ratings have quality scores below 16 points. 
This article updates one I wrote in April 2022

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